Roller 20 PN ESR Analyzer


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Fully automated analyzer for the determination of the ESR with external needle for pediatric samples and uncapped tubes.

Alifax ESR analysers are the only ones capable to provide results in 20 seconds by measuring red blood cells aggregation overcoming the variables and limitations of the sedimentation method also listed in the CLSI document*.


  • Results in 20 seconds related to red cells aggregation
  • First result available after 5 minutes from analysis start
  • No reagents required
  • Results expressed in mm/h
  • High correlation with the Westergren method
  • No influence of low hematocrit levels
  • 100 μl EDTA blood sample with manual withdrawal and 175 μl with automated withdrawal per test
  • Only 100 μl sample requested in the tube for manual withdrawal and 800 μl for automated withdrawal
  • Only 800 μl sample requested in the tube
  • Use of the same CBC tubes
  • Latex Calibration & Controls
  • Smart cards
  • Thermostated at 37°C
  • Mixing cycles in accordance with CLSI requirements*
  • LCD touch screen
  • User-friendly software
  • Connection to LIS
  • Simplified needle replacement
  • Thermal printer
  • Automatic washing system

CE Marked & Patented Technology

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*CLSHI H02-A5 Procedures for the ESR test, Approved Standard 5th Edition Vol. 31 no. 11